Japanese wooden straws, Kinostraw

Japanese wooden straws, Kinostraw

Price: 1,800JPY - 15,000JPY(tax incl.)

Prices vary according to options.


Item description

Product Details

"Wooden Straws" are made with Japanese domestic lumber (including thinned wood).
Wooden Straws are made by cutting domestic lumber into extremely fine 0.15mm sheets (the same material used for our company's original product, "Kinokami"), and then rolling those sheets into straws through our own unique process.

Straws can be used multiple times if thoroughly washed and dried with a dish dryer (we recommend a maximum of four to five uses).
* We recommend only single-use when straws are provided to multiple customers, such as at restaurants.

Diameter: approximately 4mm
Length: approximately 20cm
Wood type: cedar

(Notes on use)
・Please enjoy the texture of real wood.
・It is made from Japanese timber wood. 
・For your safety, please do not chew it. (In rare cases, wooden fibers may come out.) 
・It is unsuitable for drinking soda.


・1,800 JPY(tax incl.) for 10 pieces
・15,000 JPY(tax incl.) for 100 pieces

About our engraving services

Our straws normally come engraved with "Wooden Straw" written in Japanese, but we can replace this with original text written in Japanese hiragana or katakana, as well as in the English alphabet and Arabic numerals.
Please contact us if you are interested.

(1) First-time engraving setup fee: ¥3,000 (tax incl.)
* If you would like the engraved text to be changeable, it will be ¥10,000 + each unit price increased by ¥10.
(2) Engraving file preparation charge: ¥5,000- (tax incl.)
* There is no charge for file preparation in the following circumstances.
・When the customer provides text in hiragana, katakana, or English alphabet/numerals within 25 characters, and selects font from our company's inventory of designated fonts.
・When the customer sends Illustrator file to us directly.

(Possible engraving sizes)
Vertical: about 2.5mm Horizontal: about 20mm

* Please feel free to contact us for further details